This is not a full list but a list of where most of our favorite fonts we are found.

Google Fonts

Most of these are open source and free to use for commercial and personal use making these a great “go-to”. You can go to fonts.google.com and organize your search by font type (thick, thin, serif, script, etc.) helping you find the right font for the right project a breeze.

Some of my favorite Google fonts:


Free sites like dafont.com and the others listed here are great ways to find a unique font. The issue with using these sites, often, is you may need to credit the font creator in some way. Some are open for personal use without giving credit and some are not available for commercial use unless you go to the font creators’ website and purchase the full commercial-use licenses. A lot of font designers place their fonts here in a way to make sales on their premium license.

Some of my favorite free fonts:

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